Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Looking Good in 80’s Style

80’s could be one of the most influence years in fashion industry. Where all the style came up together into something we called fashion. People let their passion of fashion out into an artistic taste and full of freedom. The expansion of music and entertainment industry on those days also made a huge impact to fashion people out there. Well, it started from the music, style, and dance into all the outstanding looks. Spell the name of The Queen of Pop, Madonna “The Phenomenon”.

She had successfully brought herself into an icon, with a curly messy hair, corset, unordinary accessories and sexy make up look

She brought those looks into one package and brought all the girls in the world obsessed to be like her

Now, skip the Madonna things and move out to yours. Well, maybe some of us never ever live on those days or maybe some of us just forget about how to look on 80’s. Then bring it back ladies. First of all, Let's watch some movies that will bring the spirit of 80’s style.

Check out Sex and The City 2, who absolutely made the 80’s style look so real in 21 century

After cheating out, make a move to your favorite shop place and buy some item with an 80’s look. Or maybe you can just borrow from your sister or mom, who still has those items but make sure it is still in a great condition.

For the reference FTL give some ideas to looking good in 80’s style. We put into two different way of look in 80's. But it's all up to you. Pick the right one and mix with your own style.

Put a bright color of bow as the 80's hair piece statement

Socks is the most big part of this sweet 80's style

But the most important of all just go creative and walk like a queen…

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